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Connecting you to farmers

Supermarkets are charging more and farmers are getting less.

So we're cutting out the middleman, getting you fresher food at lower prices.

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Ohna is a network of your local growers, all in one place at one time so you can easily click and collect.

Ohna is not a wholesaler.

We don't take a cut or a mark-up. We charge a $2 convenience fee on pre-orders to cover our costs, and in exchange you get easy access to your region's freshest local produce.

100% of the price goes straight to the producer - which means you can pay less while giving farmers more. 

How does it work?


Order your produce through

the Ohna app. 

Orders close at midnight on Thursday to give your farmers time to pack. 


Pick up your order.

Pop by Stall 3 at the Capital Region Farmers Market anytime between 9-11am on Saturday.

It's that easy.


Got questions or feedback? Get in touch.

or text 0422 731 445

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